Kemeling Kunststoffe is at the forefront when it comes to technical plastic innovations. Our professional team shows a lot of initiative and inventiveness, which is reflected in our customized products. Because we control both the engineering and the production process, we dare to step outside the box and take risks to realize new applications and innovations of technical plastics.

The possibilities of technical plastics are endless. Since our establishment in 1976, we have developed many innovations. Some examples of recent innovations besides our standard assortment are plastic beach houses, sloops and the Spacelifter ©.

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TRANSITIon to technical plastic

We believe that sustainability is the key to a better world. Only together we can make this transition. Technical plastic has a life span many times longer than traditional materials such as concrete, aluminum, steel or polyester. By using technical plastic as an alternative to these materials, together we can make the world more sustainable.

Thanks to its versatility, technical plastic can always be used as a sustainable alternative. At Kemeling Kunststoffen, we do not shy away from a challenge and we work on new plastic applications with a professional and innovative team. Kemeling is happy to help you make the transition - complete or hybrid. Let's take the step together!


As an innovator in the field of technical plastics, we are happy to put our knowledge, experience and insights to work for your project. We will not shy away from a challenge in order to achieve an optimal result for the end user.

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Spacelifter met elektrische fietsen

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