In the transport industry there are many possibilities for plastic applications. The light weight in combination with UV resistance, the biological properties and the durable character are great advantages of the material. Many developments are currently taking place in this sector and the producers of plastic semi-manufactured products are working on them.

products of this industry

new possibilities for transport

Companies in the transport industry are constantly looking for new possibilities in plastic products: from a battery box for leaking battery acid to a complete superstructure for municipality's clean-up vehicles. We like to think along with our customers to determine whether the use of plastic is possible in a specific application.

alternative solutions

We have many years of experience in the development, production and supply of plastic products in the bodywork industry. We offer our customers the necessary knowledge and experience to make the use of plastic possible. We offer alternative solutions for, for example, steel. In doing so, we show a lot of initiative and creativity. We dare to take risks because we have the engineering and production process in our own hands. In addition, we have a lot of experience in producing the more or less standard products listed above.


Kemeling Kunststoffen as a partner

A trend in bodywork construction is cooperation in the chain. We like to be involved in a project at an early stage, in order to achieve the optimum return for our client and the end user. We are happy to make our knowledge, insight and experience in plastics available for your project!

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Kemeling Kunststoffen Carrosseriebouw Ecotrommel
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Kemeling Kunststoffen Carrosseriebouw Ecotrommel3
Kemeling Kunststoffen Carrosseriebouw Ecotrommel4
Kemeling Kunststoffen Carrosseriebouw Post NL
Kemeling Kunststoffen Carrosseriebouw
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