The transport sector is continuously improving its sustainability. The sustainable character of technical plastic can play a major role in this. The use of lightweight and UV-resistant plastics has a major positive impact on the transport sector.

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Transporters and distributors are constantly looking for new ways to become more sustainable. The use of sustainable technical plastic materials can play a major role in sustainable transport. For example, the use of a technical plastic battery box for leaking battery acid or a complete plastic superstructure for delivery vans. Our innovations can be developed completely according to the specific wishes of our customer or the end user.

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Kemeling Kunststoffen has years of experience in developing, producing and supplying technical plastic products for the transport, distribution and bodywork industry. Due to this experience and knowledge within this sector, our customers can be well advised and supported in the transition from traditional materials to plastics within their organization. Technical plastics are ideally suited as a sustainable alternative to steel, a material with a short lifespan, which is often used in the industry.

Of course, we realize our products customised, according to the wishes of our customer. In the development of our products, we show a lot of initiative and inventiveness. Because we control the engineering and production process, we dare to step outside the box and take risks to make the best possible product for the end user. 


Kemeling Kunststoffen as a partner

In order to increase the return for our customer and the end user, we like to be involved in a project at an early stage. In this way we can convert our knowledge, insight and experience of technical plastics into the best possible result for the end user!

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