vacancy sheetboss (40 hours)

As a plate boss you make sure that the technical plastic sheets are welded exactly on size with a plate welding machine.

 What are you going to do:

  • You make sure that the plates are welded with the plate welding machines.
  • You make sure that both machines keep working.
  • You will help with the setting of plastic plates. 

How you handle it:

  • You make sure that the plates are welded according to the working instructions.
  • By means of a walk job you place the plates in position and choose the right machine settings.
  • You make sure that all orders are welded in time on automated plate machines.


The team in the machine park consists of 1 machine operator and 2 colleagues.

How your day could look:

You start the day with a nice cup of coffee. After catching up with your colleagues, you start up the machines and go through the planning of the plate-weld list. You will first attend the meeting and will be up to date with all the ins and outs. Now you really get to work. You weld all the required plastic sheets in the right dimensions and shape and label them with an order number. In between you keep your second machine working. In the afternoon you help bending plastic sheets. Just cleaning up and then your day is over. After that an hour of exercise in the fitness room with your colleague at the company. With a satisfied feeling you can go home, because thanks to you your colleagues can finish the products and fulfill our promise "Made to Fit".


We ask:

  • You have recent experience with machines, that's a big plus.
  • You have pre / secondary-vocational education work and thinking level.
  • You are an approacher and can work well under pressure.
  • You are available full-time.

We offer:

  • Money. ​
  • Good working atmosphere with fun team outings.
  • Space to grow and learn.
  • 25 holidays if you promise to come back.
  • Travel allowance and pension scheme. 
  • Do you work overtime; early morning, evening or weekend? Then of course you get something extra for that.
  • Chill floor; gameroom, your own gym and darts room.
  • Working and learning (BBL) is also possible.
  • Working in a department with the very latest machines and equipped with all the conveniences to work healthily and safely.
  • A forklift training to cross the business safely

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  • Motivation letter

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