Kemeling builds a westlander sloop

History of the Westlander

The original Westlander is made of wood and was used to transport horticultural products to the auction. Initially, these boats with wooden 'paddles' were pushed from the quay by horses or by hand. From 1880, the boats were also made of steel and later, at the beginning of the 20th century, the boats were fitted with a motor. As a result of the crisis, the last original Westlander was built in 1932. In the 1970s the construction of the iconic boat started again, although only for recreational purposes. This year Kemeling Kunststoffen will take up the challenge to use their expertise to breathe new life into this iconic Westlander boat!

Technical plastic Westlander in use

The first technical plastic electric Westland sloop is a reality! Four goals achieved with our great team! A successful team project. Pushing boundaries, learning to innovate, building beautiful things, and applying knowledge gained with 45 years of experience!

Proud of the end result. 

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