Kemeling builds a westlander sloop

History of the Westlander

The original Westlander is made of wood and was used to transport horticultural products to the auction. Initially, these boats with wooden 'paddles' were pushed from the quay by horses or by hand. From 1880, the boats were also made of steel and later, at the beginning of the 20th century, the boats were fitted with a motor. As a result of the crisis, the last original Westlander was built in 1932. In the 1970s the construction of the iconic boat started again, although only for recreational purposes. This year Kemeling Kunststoffen will take up the challenge to use their expertise to breathe new life into this iconic Westlander boat!

Update X - Technical plastic Westlander in use

The first technical plastic electric Westland sloop is a reality! Four goals achieved with our great team! A successful team project. Pushing boundaries, learning to innovate, building beautiful things, and applying knowledge gained with 45 years of experience!

Proud of the end result. 

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Update IX - Moment of truth

A big moment in the development of our Westlander. The sloop was launched by our regular transporter Stolze Transport. The past period all electrics were connected. The weather was nice so it had to be tested. Then we could also see how the construction held up and how deep the sloop was in the water. It was professionally welded by our staff because we didn't make any water. In addition, the test already gave a good idea of how quietly you glide through the water with the electric drive. The Westlander passed with flying colors. Now we have to quickly build the interior and style it according to perfection. After that, our iconic sloop can be spotted in the waters of the Westland on beautiful days!

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Beginning 2021

Update VIII - Sustainability on the move

Here we are in 2021. Still working hard on the true Westlander! And I can already tell you that together with the whole team we are close to launching the Westlander. We are working on making the Westlander electric for a silent and pleasant experience when sailing through the canals, over the lakes or through the authentic canals.

The Westlander is powered by the highest quality components from Kraütler, Curtis and Vetus, which will ensure that sailing in a Westlander from Kemeling Kunststoffen will be a luxurious experience.

The provisional outlook is that in June the Westlander will be launched.


Early 2020

Update VII - The 'foundation'

We started building the Westlander! The rafters are connected to each other and form the basis for the sloop. HDPE is a flexible material so in order to make it a bit stiffer, we wrapped a number of steel profiles in technical plastic. We also regularly use this technique for rectangular tanks. The next step is to reverse the sloop so that the outside (the skin) can be attached to it. This process requires some dexterity and precision on the part of our production staff, but after the welding you really start to get a good idea of what the sloop is going to look like.

IMG 2862
IMG 3136
IMG 3159

End of 2019

Update VI - Preparation of the construction

Now that the design has been optimized by the findings from the test piece, the parts can be taken out. Many parts of the sloop need to be milled and the preparation of this work is done digitally. Partly in SolidWorks and partly in AutoCAD. The construction will start with the rafters that will be kept at the right distance by connecting strips. This will be built up on a frame that has the outer shape (curvature) of the sloop. This frame will be built by steel farmer Gijs Knoll and will be the base during the production of the sloop.


Early 2019

Update V - Test piece

We could not wait any longer, so we have already built a piece of the Westlander sloop! It's a cross section of the middle segment. Not only is this start good to test the construction, it also shows how much space you have for your welding machine, what the construction sequence should be and how the parts should exactly fit together so that construction can be done accurately and smoothly.


End of 2018

Update IV - Digital design

Now that the wishes for the interpretation are clear, the next step is to approach experts. They can give tips on good length-width ratios, manoeuvrability and drive. For this purpose, 2 experts have been approached. Thanks to their input, the 3D drawing work can begin. Of course building from HDPE is the expertise of Kemeling itself. So as far as the thickness of the parts and the amount of rafters are concerned, the knowledge is already in house! View the computer model:



Update III - The design proposal

Everybody thinks about the design

The three concepts from the previous update were presented to the Kemeling team by Kordaat. After this presentation they gave feedback about the concepts. A lot of useful remarks and tips came out of this. The messages on social media quickly showed that the traditional Westlander is preferred by most people. Kordaat made a design proposal in which all feedback after the presentation was incorporated. Everyone's wishes were incorporated into the custom design. Based on this drawing, the sloop will be further prepared for production.

Features of the custom design

  • The picnic table in the front is adjustable in height to create a large lying area.
  • Increased rear seat so the driver looks out over the foredeck
  • Rudder is collapsible so it doesn't get in the way of passengers
  • Electric drive and therefore a sustainable choice
  • Bow thruster for optimum ease of use
  • Cooling area for food and (soft) drinks
  • Generous storage space

Early 2018

Update II - exploration and first sketches

In the previous update you could read how the idea to build a sloop came about and why Kemeling is going to take this step. In this post we explain our first ideas.

Start designing

Of course it's a nice idea, building a boat like that, but how to start? To give the design a kick-start, Kemeling entered into a collaboration with Kordaat Product Design, a young and innovative product design agency from The Hague. Kemeling thinks it's important that the sloop is made of HDPE, is electrically powered and has room for about 8 people. On the basis of collages a direction has been determined for the appearance of the boat. Kemeling has worked this out into three different designs. Kemeling's team will then determine which aspects will eventually be included in the final design. Which design direction do you like best? We are looking forward to your advice! 
End of 2017
Update I - A new year, a new challenge

With the new year approaching, the Kemeling team has decided that it is time for a new challenge.

A project with three goals:
1. Show what is possible with the plastic HDPE
2. Bringing the Kemeling team's passion for plastics to the outside world.
3. Going to the extreme of HDPE and using all the joint production knowledge. Also of our machines.

The choice was quickly made: Kemeling is going to build a Westlander sloop in 2018, based on a Westlander. Because what could be nicer than an HDPE boat in the style of the original Westlander for the whole team to use? Right; nothing at all. The intention is that the Kemeling team will start building the sloop this summer. Until then we will post regular updates on the progress of the project. So, stay tuned!

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