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We believe that sustainability is the key to a better world. Only together we can make this transition. Technical plastic has a life span many times longer than traditional materials such as concrete, aluminum, steel or polyester. By using technical plastic for specific purposes as an alternative to these materials, we can make the world more sustainable.

Due to its versatility, technical plastic is often deployed as a sustainable alternative. At Kemeling Kunststoffen, we do not shy away from a challenge, as we work on new technical plastic applications together with a professional and innovative team. Kemeling is happy to help you make the transition - complete or hybrid. Let's make the transition together!

Below, you can see a number of successful transitions that Kemeling was able to handle. Is your project the next transition?

Lets make the transtition Kemeling Kunststoffen Buitenwatermeterput4

Concrete to plastic

As a lightweight material, plastic is often a good alternative to the heavy material concrete. By using HDPE plastic instead of concrete in, for example, outdoor water meter wells.

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Aluminum to plastic

Technical plastic can be a very durable alternative to aluminum. The lifespan is many times higher and it is also easier and safer to use. Moreover, maintenance costs can be significantly reduced!

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Steel to plastic

Where steel and stainless steel are limited in design possibilities, plastic offers infinite tailored solutions. Therefore, in many cases, technical plastic can offer a good alternative to steel.

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Polyester to plastic

Originally we made our AaBeemix tanks for fertilisers in horticulture from polyester. By switching to HDPE plastic, more customization is possible.

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Wood to plastic

Although wood seems sustainable, it requires a lot of maintenance for its longevity. Switch to plastic for a UV-resistant and maintenance-free alternative!

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Hybrid solution

In specific cases, our engineers apply a hybrid solution, where our technical plastic reinforces traditional materials. The best of both worlds.

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