World horti center

In the water technology area of World Horti Center, the technical plastic storage tanks of Kemeling Kunststoffen take care of the storage of water and nutrients.

The water technology room is the 'kitchen' of the World Horti Center. From here, the plants in the research centre are supplied with sufficient water and nutrients. From here, each department - out of a total of 36 departments - can be provided with ten different nutrient recipes and water.

A network of pipes, pumps and plastic tanks and containers provides the water and nutrients. Kemeling Kunststoffen and Stolze came up with smart solutions for the limited space in this 'kitchen'.

Robert Kemeling will be happy to tell you more about this. Watch the video below from the water technology room of World Horti Center.

Horti 3
Horti 5 2
Horti 2
Horti 1

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