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Kemeling Kunststoffen works closely together with various fire safety installers to develop, produce and deliver the required technic plastic tanks for firefighting installations, such as sprinkler systems and extinguishing systems.

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Kemeling Kunststoffen has years of experience and knowledge of using technical plastic tanks for firefighting installations. Because we work closely with various fire safety installers we are well known within various industries. For example, our fire fighting tanks are used in the healthcare, industrial, logistics and petrochemical sectors.

Kemeling is of course aware of the current, international laws and regulations for fire fighting within these sectors. This enables us to provide our customers with excellent support and advice in the design, engineering, installation and maintenance of technical plastic tanks for extinguishing systems and sprinkler systems.


Kemeling Kunststoffen as a partner

Our aim is to achieve the optimum result for the end user in collaboration with the installer. By involving Kemeling Kunststoffen in your project at an early stage, we can use our knowledge and experience to ensure an optimal result for the installation.

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