water treatment

In the water treatment industry, technical plastic has become indispensable. Due to its excellent chemical properties, plastic is one of the most commonly used materials in this industry.

Products of this industry


For water treatment installations, it is mandatory to use a certified installer when using chemicals. Because Kemeling Kunststoffen is a KIWA-certified tank builder, we are supplier/producer of plastic products for these installers. We like to think along with our customers in order to achieve the optimal result for the project.


Knowledge of Water treatment

We have years of experience in developing, producing and supplying technical plastic products for the water treatment industry. We offer our customers the necessary knowledge and experience to make the use of plastics possible. We are aware of current legislation and regulations and can think along with customers about the use of certified plastic products for the specific application of the end user.

Kemeling Kunststoffen as a partner

We like to be involved in a project at an early stage, in order to achieve the optimum return for our client and the end user. We are happy to make our knowledge, insight and experience in plastics available for your project!

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