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Kemeling Kunststoffen is a specialist in solutions for collecting and storing liquid and solid substances and materials, in several industries. Our main goal for over 43 years is the development and production of standard and customised technical plastic products. Certification in accordance with ISO 9001, DVS-welding and KIWA certification guarantees quality. You will recognise our solutions by their long service life. Kemeling has achieved this position because it continuously optimizes its products and services and listens to the wishes of the customer. Kemeling's most important field of activity is the horticultural sector. In addition, the company specializes in supply in various markets such as (waste) water treatment, fire prevention, bodywork construction and mechanical engineering.


Kemeling wants to contribute to the transition to sustainability with the production of technical plastic products. By this, we mean that we want to help companies become more sustainable.


This is the moment. This is the moment to make a change. Not only a change for yourself, but a change for the world. For the future. For our children. Surprise yourself. Change the way you act. Change the way you think. Change the way you are used to. From traditional to universal. From short-term thinking, to long-term thinking.


We believe that sustainability is the key. The key to open that better world. With better materials. With sustainable materials. Materials that last longer. Materials that are part of the cycle of the world.

Working together

Let's do it together. Let's open new doors. Because only when we work together we can achieve more. With a young professional team. With the highest standards of production. With more than forty years of experience. We are ready to help you with make the change. We are ready to change the future. Let's go for a sustainable world.

Let's make the transition


In order to achieve our mission, we want to continue to develop as a knowledge carrier and total producer and supplier of technical plastic storage and collection systems. We think it's important that our customers, partners and employees are enthusiastic about our products. A solid financial basis is the starting point for further social and business investments, innovation and growth.

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A company with a human face

A company exists by the grace of products, systems and installations. But a company mainly exists by the grace of people. Motivated, committed and expert employees, who invest every day in products of the very best quality. That is why a lot of attention is paid to do business with a human face. The employees are given all the space they need to develop themselves. This attention pays off in an enthusiastic team of people. People who make it at Kemeling!       

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