Vlarem II

VLAREM II stands for the "Flemish Regulations on Environmental Permitting". The VLAREM II directives apply to both the horticultural sector and industry and consist of 3 parts. Kemeling is certified according to VLAREM II and this standard includes the guidelines for the storage of dangerous substances in tanks. The VLAREM II guidelines are controlled and certified by an independent control body (CORCON bvba) (link to website).

Kemeling has a prototype approval certificate for single and double-walled round tanks made of HDPE100 sheet material. This certificate guarantees the quality and craftsmanship of Kemeling. During the development and production of the tanks, there is an objective and verifiable working method by means of clear procedures and criteria. After production each tank is provided with an identification plate and a declaration of conformity so that the tank can always be traced. After installation of the tank, the inspection body inspects the entire installation by means of a commissioning inspection and, if the result is positive, it is certified.

Download our full certificate here.

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