The HortiQ (link to site: https://www.hortiq.nl/en/) certificate is specifically aimed at greenhouse horticulture. The certificate was created to guarantee investors and growers that the greenhouse construction, heating and water technical installation has been built and installed according to objective and verifiable standards. All certified companies are assessed by an independent body (KIWA) (link: https://www.kiwa.com/gb/en/) on the basis of official Assessment Guidelines. HortiQ has two different standards for which companies can be certified.

BRL8000 (link to certificate: https://www.hortiq.nl/media/2511/brl-8000-kassen.pdf) stands for HortiQ Certified Process & Product and guarantees the quality of both the process and the product supplied and focuses on the design and construction of greenhouse constructions, greenhouse heating and water installations.

The BRL8001 (link to certificate https://www.hortiq.nl/media/2512/brl-8001-kassen.pdf) stands for HortiQ Certified Quality System and guarantees the company's general quality policy. This standard applies to Kemeling and all other companies that supply installations, systems and services to the greenhouse horticulture sector. By means of this certificate, Kemeling has proof of craftsmanship whereby we guarantee that we work according to clear procedures and criteria when developing and building our products