Circular economy of kemeling

In addition to supplying the highest quality of technical plastic products, we also believe that we have a social responsibility to our environment and fellow human beings. This social responsibility is reflected, among other things, in the way in which we handle our plastic sheet material.

The high quality materials we use in our products are very suitable for reuse and recycling, and so Kemeling Kunststoffen has created its own circular economy. The circular economy is about maximizing the reusability of raw materials and products in order to minimize value destruction. Because we recycle the products and residual materials, the raw materials are used several times in the production of plastic products and therefore fewer raw materials are needed.

   Production of the sheet material
 Minimalizing the transport
Reduce the CO2 footprint by using lightweight material
Environmental management according to DIN EN ISO 14001

   Supplier of the sheet material
 Minimisation of waste and loss of raw material
 Minimisation of mileage for delivery orders

   Production of plastic products and separation of residual materials
Optimisation of the layout of the sheet material, so every piece will be used
Residual material is used for other products
Highest quality residual materials will be collected and recycled

   Recycling of residual material
Processing residual material into usable granules
Is being used in plates, tubes, pallets and crates






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